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2 min readNov 1, 2022


Fox News told us there would be fentanyl in our Halloween candy.

There wasn’t.

Yet, they don’t have to answer for their falsehoods and fear mongering.

They never do, and this is the important point.

Conspiracies are the fuel to the engine of the most powerful and influential conservative voices in the country today. There is no responsibility to reflect, nor learn that something is correct or incorrect, and this is where the trickle down effect really works.

It’s just crazed, self-centered ghost stories of evil liberals — a group so evil that they drink baby blood and deserve any violence that comes their way.

There is no democracy in the minds of many conservatives any more. There is winning, and there is claiming fraud and threatening violent revolt if you are told that you lost by the media, and all the red hatters know what that means.

We know what is said behind many conservative closed doors. It’s a cesspool of hate, fear, superiority complexes, entitlement, racism, bigotry, pea brained theories, and dreams of violence.

Look, this isn’t an opinion piece. This is a report. I’m just the middleman describing what I see.

Republicans tell us that the Democratic Party is scary like a ghost.

“Trust me, I know! You may not see the Satanic rituals, or voter fraud, or trans bathroom use, or Black men threatening police, or illegal immigrants stealing your careers and daughters, but the spookiness is all around you!”

The Republican Party is scary like a group with weapons marching toward your door. They do it, we see it, and they will continue.

I would love to talk about taxes, abortion, social security, healthcare, clean energy, gun laws, and the countless other issues we traditionally debate around election time, but all norms have taken a back seat to what is happening in the world of Trump.

In today’s scene, the call is coming from inside the house.

Republicans need to eradicate the recklessness in their own ranks. If they do not, and instead fall in because Tucker tells them that “Democrat” and “Biden” are scarier concepts than a vanishing democracy and theocratic fascist state, then this highway to hell ain’t providing any exits.



Ahlswede Collection

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